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Rules of the competition Empty Rules of the competition

Post by _JH on Thu Dec 17, 2015 2:04 am


Server where the matches will be played:
mtasa:// MTA Tactics tournament
gamemode: Tactics 1.2 r20

1. No cheating, no hacking.
1.1. Using binds to improve your gameplay is forbidden and considered as a cheat
1.2. Modifying certain parts of your GTA like landscape, streets, removing trees, or anyother mod that give an unfair adventage over players will be considered as a cheat. for this reason we have take into consideration the use of modified timecyc.dat as a cheat, using timecyc.dat is forbidden.

2. Duping granades (using some bugs to get more than one granade in a match) is against the rules. (Look rule number 1).

2.2 Out of map isn't allowed.

3. Parkilling (parking your car over an opponent isn't allowed), crashing your enemy is ok.

4. Vehicle explosions to inflict damage on your opponents is not allowed.

5. The option "Allow screen upload" must be on.

6. Multiteaming is forbidden, being in 2 or more teams at the same time isn't allowed.

7. The teams will choose the date and hour for playing the matches and send the information to the event's hosters. (the social networks where you can communicate with the hosters or referees are in the Information subforum).
7.1. If one of the teams doesn't assist the day they have agreed to play, they lose by default and the opponent team gets to the next round.

The consecuences for the violation of these rules will be the lost of one of the matches, the totality of the matches or desqualification, depending in the severity of the rulebreak.
COMPETITION MAPS will be given after the team's subscriptions gets closed. it will vary beetwen s5,s4,  tdm, bases and others, prepare yourself for anything.


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