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A0K* TEAM e,e Empty A0K* TEAM e,e

Post by #SiCario on Sun Dec 20, 2015 4:26 pm

Team name: Art Of Kill *

tag: A0K*

Logo (not necessary but would give your team more credibility):

Player's nicknames and serials (minium 5 players):

A0K*DoxU_bkh^_/': F5F80DA6BDE178E66BFD54DD7A694CB2
A0K*Dectator: 9DD2BD4C68CBFED68BE53BB6F9F83E71
A0K*Error: 309163C77888A827D893637F44219442
A0K*Kill: 71DBA64631F479C91C5328C970766643
A0K*Arl: 6361E1E563AD4C68D58B20D802E11554
A0k*Adn 97D85841D9FB1D35B66175C94C6E344
Leader's skype, facebook, whatsapp etc:

FacebooK: Jonathan Moreira


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A0K* TEAM e,e Empty Re: A0K* TEAM e,e

Post by _JH on Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:37 pm



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