Group 1: [O'G] vs xGz# [Group Stage] [ENDED]

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Group 1: [O'G] vs xGz# [Group Stage] [ENDED]

Post by vnG on Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:38 pm

Match: [O'G] vs [Anonymous]

Type: League s5 and s4

Referees: vnG - ZoNe - war0 (any of them)

Day and hour: 15/1
6 PM (ARG)
4 PM (ARG)
6 PM (CL)
4 PM (EC)

Server: mtasa://



WINNER ==> [O'G] Original Gangsters

S5 League: [O'G]

Best Player > [O'G]RevelionFirts

S4 League:

Best Player > xGz#Senkox


Best Player > [O'G]Sneiken


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